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Softball Parents – Here’s How You Can Help Your Daughter


Have you become a softball parent? You probably love seeing your daughter excited about her sport. As you look forward to seeing her play and continue to improve her game, here’s how you can help:

Get the Right Equipment

One of the first things parents can do is to make sure their daughters get the right softball equipment (buy it here) designed specifically for young female players. Parents can also help make sure your daughter gets the right equipment for her size, age, and position:

  • Softballs and bats
  • Softball mitts and gloves
  • Catcher’s gear
  • Fastpitch cleats and turf shoes
  • Uniforms and team wear
  • Softball training aids
  • Softball equipment bags

Get Properly Fitting Equipment

Your daughter may see another player’s bat and fall in love with it, but your job as a parent is to make sure she gets the equipment that is fitted to her needs. For example, buying the  right softball bat depends on your daughter’s:

  • Height
  • Weight
  • Body size
  • Strength
  • Hitting style

Unsure how to get properly fitting gloves and other gear? Ask the experts at Longstreth Sporting Goods for help.

Be Supportive

Sports teach how to win and how to lose. Especially if your daughter is just starting to play, she will need support and encouragement if she does not have a good day on the field.  You can also support her by helping her get in extra practice time, or by providing her with support like a pitching machine to help her practice on her own time.

Be the Parent, Not the Coach

While it can be helpful for a parent to help their daughter do individual practice or remind her to pack her softball sports bag, parents shouldn’t try to be her coach. Besides, you’ll have plenty to do just being her cheering section!

Remind Your Daughter She’s Playing a Game

In the intensity of competitive sports, young girls can easily lose perspective and get angry, upset, or discouraged.  That’s where a parent can step in to help and remind her that softball is just a game and games are meant to be fun.

Encourage Practice at Home

Getting better at softball requires practice at home and you can help your daughter by encouraging her to set goals and keep to them.  She might want to:

  • Throw 15 minutes a day.
  • Do 10 minutes of hitting practice.
  • Do strength training exercises.
  • Practice running with softball cleats.

You might want to encourage her by watching or even joining in with her practices, especially by throwing some balls.

Turn Drills into Games

Softball parents can also help their daughters by making practice a game.

  • Is your daughter a pitcher? Have her try pitching socks toward a full-length mirror to check her body position.
  • Batting inside? Try using a towel instead of a bat and swinging 25 times hard.
  • Pretend to catch grounders or catching a fly ball and practice good footwork.

Softball parents help by getting the right equipment, encouraging practice and helping their daughters keep a great attitude. When your daughter makes that run, catches that grounder, or shouts encouragement to her teammates after a tough inning, you’ll know that being a softball parent is definitely worth it!