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Tips to Improve your Softball Pitching


Fastpitch Softball is a thrilling game, and the competition is always tough. Here are a few tips on how to improve your softball pitching and to master the components of pitching for a great performance.


Regular practice helps improve pitching performance. It’s believed that to be a great pitcher you should try to throw 100 pitches for 100 days. Practice is perfection and the more reps you try, the better chances of improving your pitching performance. During practice try different positions and techniques to discover your strengths and ability. Coach Zack Farrell believes that practice helps a pitcher to maximize their potential on the mound.

Practice will allow you to have command of pitch location. This is a toll that will help you measure the desired location. The skill to execute a pitch to the desired location is the key element of effective pitching. The feedback during practice allows the pitcher to measure how poorly or well they are doing. The ability to control is the extreme mastery of the art of pitching. Just establish target, measure, throw and adjust.

Long toss, Walkthroughs and weighted Softballs to maximize velocity

Long toss is a technique that helps you develop proper throwing mechanism. It maximizes your ball velocity and throwing distance while minimizing the risk of throwing injuries. Long toss should be practiced few times a week for 20-30 minutes. Walkthrough exercises will help you improve your speed, flexibility and strength as well.

Practicing with weighted softballs is another  way of improving your throwing velocity while strengthening your arm muscles. Weighted softballs can be up to 20% heavier than the normal softballs. Practice with weighted softballs just for a few minutes every day as longer practice sessions might result in arm injury

Change speeds

The ability to throw the ball at different speeds improves your performance. When you are capable of speed variation, you can throw the ball at any of the four corners. Also to be a great softball pitcher you need to work on your flexibility. Exercise on the ability to move in and out of the mound, the power to drive and pitch harder. Exercise on generating enough leg power. Also work on the ability to move up and down, your body should be flexible. Engage yourself in flexibility or power training programs; this will help your body to be flexible.


Softball pitchers complicate things by overthinking, and this interferes with their performance. It also affects their velocity and focus. Avoid overthinking and ensure your mind is clear and focused. When pitching, keep your game simple and don’t think of how you can play different techniques. This will help you focus on your strength and ability. Equally believing in yourself helps raise your confidence. It’s advisable only to focus on one or two playing positions so you don’t complicate your game. Make a habit of reminding yourself to just throw the ball and stay focused.

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