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The Best Fastpitch Softball Bats in the Game


If you are just getting started in fastpitch softball, you need to know that players use fastpitch bats made either of composite, aluminum alloy, or a combination. The best bat for a player is the one that swings best for her. Here are some of the best fastpitch softball bats available:

#1 Bat: Louisville Slugger Xeno Plus

Want the bat many elite players choose? While some people don’t like the stiff swing, this composite bat is popular because of its:

  • Balanced swing weight.
  • Pop on contact.
  • Excellent vibration reduction.
  • Good weight for power hitters.
  • Innovative iST technology which eliminates negative feedback on mis-hit balls.
  • Power, huge sweet spot, lighter swing weight, and superior balance

Top 3 Bat Brands

These three brands are solid and reliable choices for your bat:

  • Louisville Slugger: With over 100 years of historic bat making, the Louisville Slugger bats are hard to beat. Many of them offer the best grip in the game and have a wide variety of swing weight options for a range of hitters. Additionally, this brand offers solid performance and durability.
  • DeMarini: Started on the floor of an old barn, DeMarini is a young company that focuses on perfecting their products. Their dedication to the idea that everyone should have access to professional quality softball bats has changed the sport for the better. DeMarini bats have the reputation of being balanced and solid, with a huge sweet spot and precise weight distribution.
  • Easton: Hitters have larger sweet zones because of Easton’s Thermo Composite Technology which also lowers resistance during the swing. Additionally, the 360-degree rotating handle on some Easton bats means the handle rotates as you swing. While the rotating handle can take some getting used to, it can help a player with weak spots at the plate.

Bat Brands on the Rise

  • Rawlings Quatro: The engineers at Rawlings have developed a collar for their Rawlings Quatro bat which absorbs vibrations and can deflect the sting of a hit.  They’ve also made a Vibration Dampening Technology (VDT) which limits the vibration of impact and makes a smooth feel when the bat contacts the ball. Durability may be an issue with Rawlings but their midrange price bats have a good amount of pop and excellent bat whip.
  • Mizuno Nighthawk: An innovation on the Mizuno Nighthawk is a double-wall technology with a thin polypropylene film separating two individual barrel walls.  With two barrels, the bat has a higher flex index which maximizes the swing and batted ball speeds. To keep this comfortable, Mizuno uses an elastomeric material to connect the handle and barrel which dampens vibrations on hands and improves the stiff feel of the bat. However, batters who really like the feel of a two-piece bat may still not feel it is loose enough.

Getting the right softball equipment for your young female athlete can give her the chance to play her best.  Longstreth Sporting Goods provides softball equipment that meets the unique needs of young women.  If you need help choosing a softball bat or other gear, be sure to give us a call.

Buying a Softball Bat – Things You should Look for

Hitting the ball in that sweet spot is every softball player’s dream.  Developing as a hitter requires lots of practice, good coaching, and the right bat. Whether your daughter has just started playing softball, or has been building up her hitting skills for a while and is ready for a new bat to help her reach the next level, here are the things you should look for in buying a softball bat:


Choosing the Best Length

Age, weight, and height determine bat length. To find the best length for a player:

  • Put the knob in the middle of her chest and stretch the bat out in front.
  • She should be able to just touch the end of the bat with the tips of her fingers.
  • If the bat goes past the fingertips, it is too long.

Choosing the Right Weight

Body style affects what weight of bat works best. A player should try swinging a bat to make sure it is comfortable. It is important not to choose a bat which is too heavy because that will make her swing at an angle. She wants a bat that gives quick, fast contact, and a good pop.  Remember that too heavy a bat will make her swing too slowly and the pitcher will beat her.  Moreover, trying to swing a heavy bat faster can cause injuries.  A good weight test? A player should hold the bat in one hand with her arm extended for 30 seconds.  If that is comfortable, the bat should work.

Choosing Materials

The two most popular types of fastpitch bats are composite and aluminum. Aluminum bats have:

  • Greater bat speed and maximized trampoline effect.
  • Easier swing weight because they tend to be lighter.
  • A more balanced feel with a more even and controllable weight distribution.
  • Durability but they can dent easily and have sweet spots that wear down.

DeMarini offers some of the most popular composite bats. Composites bats:

  • Have more “pop” when you hit the ball.
  • Can have a more targeted trampoline effect.
  • Can have a soft barrel and stiff handle to minimize sting when hitting.
  • Have larger sweet spots but may take a longer break-in time.
  • May not be best for very cold weather.

Find a wide selection of composite softball bats here.

Mistakes in Choosing

Girls can be tempted to choose a bat based on their favorite color or whether it matches their uniform.  Avoid letting color be the focus of her choice because it is the performance which matters most.  Be sure to focus on whether the bat feels right when swinging.  Another mistake some girls make is to assume that bats their friends like are the best. No one bat is really best for everyone. Try out a variety of bats to find out which performs best for her.

Choose Wisely

Getting the right bat is an important decision and Longstreth realizes that female athletes may need specialized help in choosing the right equipment. If you need help, our experts would be happy to help you choose the right equipment for your fastpitch softball player.

All About Composite Softball Bats


When you step up to the batter’s box, you want to have a bat that will help you deliver power and speed. It doesn’t hurt to have a maximum pop too! For a long time, when they were looking for fastpitch bats, elite players chose aluminum.  However, technology has changed and now composite softball bats are the top choice.

Why are Composite Softball Bats the Best?

Composite bats are made from reinforced carbon fiber polymer which is not only more durable than wood or aluminum but also has:

  • better swing weight distribution
  • higher damping rate to reduce hand sting
  • improved trampoline effect

In fact, the best composite bats are constructed so that their trampoline effect gets better over time, so a composite softball bat performs even more superbly after being broken in.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Composite Softball Bats

In fact, there are actually very few disadvantages with this type of bat.  The biggest concern is that the polymers can crack if used at very low temperatures. Player safety was a concern, so rules have been established by the NCAA to make sure composite bats meet certain requirements so that after the break-in period the bat’s trampoline effect remains within established safety bounds.

Top Composite Bats for Softball

Which composite bats are the best? Elite players want a bat that helps them perform their best when the pressure is on. Yet younger players need the confidence booster of having a great bat too.  While every top player has her favorite bat, she is probably choosing between a Demarini and a Louisville Slugger.  Here are two popular choices:

  • Louisville Slugger Xeno Plus: The #1 fastpitch bat is now even more powerful with a zero friction and a terrific pop.
  • Demarini CF9: The Demarini CF series has been one of the most popular for several years and the CF9 offers the biggest sweet spot available.

How to Choose a Composite Softball Bat

Since a batter has only about half a second to make a decision about hitting a pitched ball, young women need the best tool in their hands that they can get. Here is how to choose a softball bat:

  • Size: When the knob is placed in the center of her chest, the player should be able to touch the end of the bat with her fingertips.
  • Weight: Too heavy of a bat will cause your swing to drop, so pick a bat that you can hold extended in one hand for 30 seconds.
  • Drop:The drop is the difference between the bat’s length and weight, with a heavier bat having a lower drop. Check league rules for limits and remember that if you have a low drop bat, you might want a short one for a faster swing.

Young women playing sports need equipment that is developed especially to enhance their abilities. That’s why Longstreth specializes in providing a wide variety of the best softball equipment for young female players. Getting a composite bat of the appropriate size, weight, and drop can help a young woman be ready for every pitch in her next game.

The Best Demarini Fastpitch Softball Bats for 2017


When a player gives their best effort in playing fastpitch softball, they deserve having excellent equipment to help them get an edge on the competition. A well-chosen well-chosen softball bat can give a player the confidence she needs to perform at her peak.  DeMarini makes carefully balanced composite softball bats that are a fine choice for many players. Here is what you need to know about the best DeMarini fastpitch softball bats for 2017:

The CF9 Series is DeMarini’s Best

With a DeMarini fastpitch softball bat, female softball players can reach their full hitting potential and power hitters can achieve peak performance. Undoubtedly, the CF9 series are DeMarini’s best bats. All of the CF9 models have a Paraflex Composite barrel which offers:

  • 22% more strength for more precise weight distribution.
  • Massive flex and mad pop.

Furthermore, the CF9 series have a D-Fusion 2.0 handle which directs the energy from the ball and swing back to the barrel while reducing vibrations.

Why choose a composite bat? Even though composite softball bats can be more expensive than aluminum, they are one of the most popular bat choices for young female softball players because:

  • They deliver superior performance.
  • Composite bats are more durable than either wood or aluminum.
  • Players have greater contact and increased production at bat.
  • Ball speed increases on contact.
  • Ball gives off a satisfying “crack” rather than the aluminum “ping.”

Best Models for 2017

  • DeMarini CF9 (-10) has a balanced swing weight. The Low Pro End Cap optimizes the swing weight and feel throughout the barrel of the bat.
  • DeMarini CF9 Insane (-10) has an end loaded swing weight. It also has a Low Pro End Cap for optimizing through the barrel the swing weight and feel.
  • DeMarini CF9 (-11) has a balanced swing weight and a Dish End Cap.
  • DeMarini CF9 Slapper (-10) has balanced swing weight and Low Pro End Cap which distributes feel and swing weight optimally.
  • DeMarini CF9 Hope (-10) is a limited edition breast cancer awareness model which has a Dish End Cap.


Best DeMarini Models for Younger Players

  • DeMarini Vendetta (-10) and DeMarini Vendetta (-12) have softer, hotter, and more responsive hitting. Bid D End Cap helps keep the swing weight low while D-Lite Handle makes a smoother feel on swings and eliminates vibration.
  • DeMarini Bustos (-13) has DX1 alloy with high KSI strength to help enhance performance.  A reinforced fiber composite handle reduces vibration, eliminates hand sting, and increases confidence in center hitting.

How to Choose a Fastpitch Softball Bat?

Choosing the best fastpitch softball bat for a particular player means considering her height, weight and swing.The best choice? The heaviest bat that feels good in her hands and that she can swing fast.  Longstreth softball gear store not only offers a full selection of the best Demarini bats for young softball players but also the help of experienced sports equipment specialists who can help her choose the best bat to fit her playing needs.

Guide to Buying Essential Softball Equipment for your Daughter


Are you planning to buy softball equipment for your daughter?  Having the best equipment that your daughter is comfortable in will allow her perform to the maximum and be the best. Here is a guide that will help you buy the right softball gear.

 Softball bat

There is no better bat than the other. You need to purchase a bat that suits your daughter’s skill level, weight, height, and age. If your daughter is small and is just building up her strength choose a lighter bat that she will be able to control and swing easily. If she is stronger, a heavier bat will do for her as she will be able to control her speed.

8-9 year old girls should use a softball bat of 26-28 inches. As your daughter grows each year, you can just add an inch.  Aluminum bat is good for beginners, so you can start with the aluminum bat. It is easy for her to improve her swing and doesn’t put much weight and pressure on her shoulder. Softball bats at Longstreth are available in a wide variety for your daughter to choose from.


The helmet is one of the most essential softball gear. Softball helmets are made of durable plastic and foam. It helps distribute the forces in case the ball hits the batter’s head. The design of the helmet is based on the team or individual preference, but ensure to buy a helmet that fits your daughter’s head a little tight.


With the modern technology the softball gloves have improved a lot resulting in excellent performance.  Consider the size, comfort, and design to suit your daughter’s taste and built, however, note that there are different types of gloves for a different player position. If your daughter is an outfielder, the glove size would be a little larger. Their hand configuration would have deeper pockets that help catch the ball. Infielders require small glove; it allows them to release the ball faster.


Buy the shoes that fit your daughter and that she is comfortable in. Consider the material of the cleats, the weight and how stable is your daughter in the shoes.  Consider the inner sole and the outer sole. Equally, check the stud length. All these considerations would help you in selecting the best cleats for your daughter.

Protective equipment

The kind of protective equipment your daughter would need would be based on the position she is playing in. Catchers especially need to have the right catcher’s equipment to stay safe. Sliders protect your daughter when sliding to the base and also protect her calf. The sliding shorts are padded upper thigh with a synthetic compression legging. Other equipment that helps protect your daughter and reduce chances of injuries include,

Knee savers- for catchers they help minimize strain at the knee joint.

Leg Guards/Shin guards- There is a difference between the two. Leg guards are for catchers and they should cover a little bit above the top of the knee all the way down to the ankles and top of feet. Shin guards are usually for batters. They cover from the top of the foot and ankle to half way up the shin. These protect the shin from fouled off balls.

Elbow pads- they help protect elbows and are usually used by batters.

Battling gloves- they help reduces chances of hand blisters.

Chest protector- they help cover the chest and avoid compelling injuries.

When buying the softball equipment note that different leagues have different rules and regulations. Find out about the colors and other specifications from your daughter’s coach. While its easy to get carried away and spend a fortune on the equipment, you don’t really need the real high end stuff if she is just starting out. What really matters is the fit- the equipment needs to be comfortable for your daughter in order for her to play well. Longstreth Sporting Goods Store has all the right equipment for your young player and our sports counselors are always at hand to answer your questions and to help you guide in making your buying decisions.

Fastpitch Softball Bat with the Most Pop!

fastpitch softball bat pop1

Whether you are a beginner or a college player in softball, you need the best fastpitch softball bat. Softball is such a thrilling sport particularly when you have the necessary softball equipment that helps you reach the peak of your performance.  When it comes to choosing the best fastpitch bat, here are a few factors to consider:

  • Get the right material. Consider the material used to manufacture your fastpitch bat. The material has a great impact on the performance, durability and weight of the bat. Bat materials are generally categorized into two: Composite softball bats and alloy softball bats.  Composite materials allow for a larger sweet spot in the fastpitch bat barrel and better flex to generate ball speed at contact.
  • The right weight of the bat.  Comfort is very crucial. Heavy players feel comfortable using heavy bats while lightweight players consider light bats.  You should be looking to maximize the combination of weight AND bat speed in order to generate the maximum ball velocity at contact.
  • Parts of the softball bat. All the components of your fastpitch bat should be of high quality. These components include the taper, grip, barrel and the knob. They have an effect on your speed, vibration, and shock absorption and general comfort level which helps generate maximum bat speeds.

Having the right factors to consider in mind, there are many types of fastpitch softball bats that are highly ranked globally. They include:

  • Louisville Slugger Xeno Fastpitch Softball Bats

This is one of the most popular and effect models available.  The Xeno is purely made of composite material, making the bat model light and easy to handle.  It comes with a variety of length to weight ratio models. The balanced swing weight helps you enjoy smooth swing and a greater bat speed. The IST technology, which is the latest innovation in the handle of the barrel, makes the softball bat easy to manage. S1iD technology has also been incorporated to improve the flex of the barrel and produce the optimal sweet spot.  Apparently, Louisville is more expensive than the other models.

  • DeMarini CF9 Fastpitch Bat, CF9 Insane & CF9 Hope Fastpitch Softball Bats

DeMarini has a variety of fastpitch softball bats in its famous CF Series. The most recent and popular models are the CF9, the CF9 Hope and the CF9 Insane models. The CF9 series is made of paradox plus composite which helps provide light swing with an incredible barrel performance. The CF9 Insane is popular due to its end-loaded weight distribution which maximizes power. The Demarini CF9 softball bats have thermofused taper barrels and the D-Fusion 2.0 handles which help eliminate vibration and direct the energy to the barrel.

  • Anderson Rocketech Fastpitch Softball Bats

The Anderson Rocketech is a famous fastpitch softball bat.  This model is made of aerospace alloy, making it usable in all weather conditions.  The Rocketech incorporates an end-loaded weight distribution and a weight that is only 9 ounces less than the bat length to be the most powerful bat available.  But this fastpitch softball bat model is ideal for strong players that can swing heavier bats to generate enormous power.  It is highly recommended for the upper level high school and college level player.

With a good selection of your fastpitch softball bat, you are good to go and enjoy your game. At Longstreth, we are here to ensure players satisfaction every other day.

What size softball bat do I need?


Determining the size of the right softball bat is critical for every softball player. The bat is a crucial equipment piece and it’s important to find the perfect size for the player. Bat design is a factor to consider but you can’t just choose the design and color simply because the bat looks cool. Here are other factors to consider when choosing the right size of your softball bat:

Bat Weight

If you are strong and big in body size, choosing a heavier bat allows you to use maximum power. However, smaller players can play better using lighter softball bats. A player wants to maximize her bat speed.  Using a light bat can yield greater bat speed. If you want to know the softball bat suitable for your body size and strength, swing a variety of them and choose the one that maximizes bat weight AND swing speed without hurting your natural swing path.  One tip is that you should be able to hold your bat with one hand at the end and your arm fully extended perpendicular to the ground without having the bat waver or dip.  If you are a high school player, you should be using a bat weight that is 10 ounces less than the bat length.  If you are younger than high school, you can use bat weights that are a greater drop than 10 ounces from the bat length, typically 11 ounces to 13 ounces less than the length in inches.


Consider using a bat between 26 and 29 inches if you are less than four feet high. Players between four and five feet should use a bat length of 29-31 inches. Five to six feet tall players should use a bat with a length of 31-34 inches. Considering these measurements while choosing the length of your softball bat will assist you in reaching the peak of your performance.  If the right weight for you is in a bat that is a little long, choking up to 1” up the barrel can make this bat work well.

Ensure to have these requirements before choosing your bat.

  • A bat that is too light will make players be quicker, pull you away from the ball and have little power.
  • A bat that is too heavy will cause an unbalanced and slow swing, and will also decrease your ability to control the strike zone.

Bat materials

You can either choose composite bats or alloy bats.  Composite softball bats are made of material similar to carbon fiber and usually provide a bigger sweet spot and greater power. They are easy to control since in most bats the weight is evenly distributed.  Composite bats help reduce vibration and sting at hand. While alloy bats are made of aluminum and metal, they are less expensive compared to composite bats, typically last longer and can be used in cold weather. Unlike composite bats, they don’t crack.

Once you’ve chosen the right softball bat for your game, always store it in its perfect softball bag. Softball bags are designed in different varieties. Ensure your bag can store all equipment including your glove, softball cleats, helmet, sweatshirts, batting gloves, some first aid items, as well as any extra player protection equipment.

At Longstreth, we take pride in providing helpful information to help players in this industry. Contact us today for all softball equipment needs.

5 Ways Parents can help their Young Softball Player

One of the best things that you can do for a young player first lacing up the softball cleats is to build their love of the game. You will help to teach them core values like teamwork and dedication, while giving them the gift of a positive environment and healthy habits that last a lifetime. The benefits of playing a team sport like softball are nearly too many to list. Here are five ways that you can help your beginning softball player to improve in the sport.
Young Softball Player
1. Keep it Fun

Remember that team sports, especially for young girls, should be positively motivated. Even if you or your spouse was a star player, that doesn’t mean your daughter automatically shares the same love of the game. She will have to build this over time. The best way to do this is by encouraging her to enjoy the game. You may encounter coaches or other parents that put a lot of pressure on young players. Try to counteract this by always encouraging your daughter, and modeling good behavior in front of her teammates.

2. Get the Right GearTo help your daughter develop as a player, you don’t necessarily need to buy all the softball equipment that you saw at the College World Series last year, or have a softball pitching machine (buy them here if you decide to) in your backyard. However, make sure that she has a glove that fits and that she likes. Be sure to offer her softball bats that will help her to develop a correct swing. The last thing you want is for her to suffer an injury, so make sure she has softball cleats, or even some great beginner’s catcher’s gear, if that is her position. Then, encourage her to properly care for the investment in equipment that you have made.

3. Reward Hard Work Once your daughter starts to really enjoy the game, continue to reward her dedication. If she takes the initiative to join a summer league or train in the off-season, sacrifice a bit of your time and resources to make sure that she can make practices. If she shows dedication, you should too. Reward hers with upgraded bats from Demarini or other brands and other equipment, your praise, and support.

4. Keep Calm During Setbacks

For every young athlete, there are setbacks, losses, injuries, and struggles. Lead by example by correcting problems when they can be fixed, and encouraging her to learn from the difficult times of the game. Let her take a break from the sport if she needs to. If she really loves it, she’ll return to it, but in the meantime encourage other healthy habits that build an overall winning attitude.

5. Find Positive Influences

You could be the best softball player in your city, but your daughter would still need other coaches and parents to give her a balanced approach to the game. Find other role models for her to follow besides yourself, and encourage her to learn from them. Often your local Softball Store will be able to connect her with such local support system. Whether that’s a local high school pitching star that is willing to share her experience, or a coach that really knows how to motivate young players, she will need many people to help her develop the skills and habits that make a great young player.

Alloy vs. Composite Softball Bats – What Should You Be Using?

Softball batsYou want every hit coming off the softball bats that you choose to be accurate and hit at the distance that you want. Sometimes that’s right out of the park.  Sometimes it means the perfectly placed sacrifice bunt. So which bat should you be using to make sure that you make the most of every opportunity, every time you’re at the plate? There are so many choices available to you now, but you have too main choices in materials. Whether you choose an alloy or a composite softball bat depends on a lot of different factors.


If you need to watch your budget, and many younger players and their families do, alloy bats have a big advantage over composite bats. You can easily pick up two or three great alloy bats from big name brands like Easton or Louisville for the same price as one of the top composite bats. If you’re still learning the game, it can be a big advantage to have a few different bats available to you with different weight balances. Choosing to go with alloy as your bat’s material offers you this possibility. 


When it comes down to performance on game day, almost all top level players now choose a composite bat. Companies like DeMarini, Worth, and all of the other big names bats constantly innovate and improve their designs, offering you some truly incredible bat options in fastpitch softball bats. When the first composite bats appeared in the 1980s, they performed very poorly, but with advances in materials, composite bats now easily outhit alloy bats, featuring a much larger sweet spot. You may also notice more “pop” coming off the bat with every hit. 

Composite bats do have one disadvantage in performance. When you first purchase a composite bat, you need to break it in before you will see the best performance from it. With an alloy bat, the first time you use it to hit you will be able to see its full potential. It will take a couple hundred solid hits with your new composite bat before it is properly warmed up and ready for its game day debut.


Composite bats do have one more negative when compared to alloy bats. The same carbon fiber that makes these bats lighter and easier to swing, also makes them vulnerable to damage. Especially during your early springtime games, you may want to choose an alloy bat, because cold temperature make the composite material more likely to crack. 

If you do some minor damage to an alloy bat, it is very likely that you will be able to keep using it without danger or reduced performance. An alloy bat can suffer a dent or two and keep its reliability. Composite bats, once damaged, are not useful anymore and can be dangerous for you and your teammates if you continue to use them. 

The Final Score

The type of bat that you choose depends upon your needs and preferences, along with restrictions that some leagues place on bats allowed for use. In short, if you want a less expensive, more durable bat that delivers reliable performance one season after another, alloy bats may be for you.

If you want a top of the line bat with the most advanced materials available and have the budget to pay for it, go with a composite bat. You will be able to hit more accurately, and will feel more comfortable because of the lighter weight and reduced sting from these bats. No matter your choice, Longstreth offers you a wide variety of alloy and composite softball bats.  For the best in Softball Equipment click here.