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Softball bags Galore! Types and Styles for 2017


Ready for the 2017 softball season? Whether it is going to a practice or playing a game, softball players have a lot of softball gear to bring along.  Having the right gear bag  can make it much easier for a player to keep their equipment in good condition and tote it around. All players need a bag which fits all of their gear in easily and which is comfortable for them to carry.

Top Bat Bags

Getting a new softball bag is a great way to start off the season, whether your young player is a starting playing for the first time, or has several seasons behind her.  Her confidence will increase when she brings her favorite softball bat and other equipment in one of these top softball bag types and styles of 2017:

Easton Walk-Off

Built for the diamond and wherever you need to go to play, the Easton Walk-Off is a premium sport utility backpack with:

  • Unique external helmet holder.
  • Pockets for holding 2 softball bats externally.
  • Dual zipper with 3 “J” style gear hooks.
  • Hook for hanging on dugout fence.
  • Extra space inside the bag for equipment.
  • Vented shoe compartment.
  • Pockets and storage spaces, including a laptop sleeve.

DeMarini Voodoo Rebirth

This version of the popular DeMarini backpack takes it up a level with:

  • Neoprene bat sleeves and composite waterproof material.
  • Eight color choices.
  • Customization area with removable insert.
  • Plenty of room for a helmet, gloves, cleats, and extra equipment.

Louisville Slugger Series 7 Stick Pack

The spacious storage compartment of this bag has a large opening.  In addition, the bag features:

  • 2 neoprene bat sleeves.
  • J-style fence hook.
  • Removable personalization panel.
  • Comfort padding on straps.
  • Space for a helmet with facemask.
  • Mesh pockets for water bottles.

Choosing a Catcher’s Bag

Catchers have the most equipment to carry out of anyone on the softball team and they need a specialized catchers gear bag.  Because of the weight of the equipment, catcher’s equipment bags are wheeled. Check out the top 2017 styles:

Mizuno Samurai

With easy access to the footwear compartment, the Mizuno Samurai offers convenience as well as durable off-road wheels. Furthermore, it offers:

  • Zip pouch embroidery panel.
  • Spots for 2 bats.
  • Accessory compartment for valuables.

Louisville Slugger Catch-All

With a high rise wheel chassis and rigid bottom, this bag has a stable roll. It features:

  • Internal holsters for leg guards.
  • Extra room for chest protector and other gear.
  • Lockable bat compartment.
  • Mesh helmet sack.

Easton 500C

With full bottom rails and bracketed inline wheels, the Easton offers strength and durability. This bag has:

  • Reinforced straps which stabilize load disbursement.
  • Large pockets.
  • A separate bat compartment which holds 4 bats.
  • Telescoping handle.
  • Wide-set wheels to prevent tipping over.

Whether you are in the market for a new fastpitch softball bat, catcher’s gear, or a new glove, Longstreth Sporting Goods is uniquely able to help you make the best choice. We offer a superior selection of the top choices of equipment designed with the young female player in mind. Better yet, our experience in outfitting young women players is second-to-none. Contact Longstreth for customization options on team orders of 12 or more bags.

What size softball bat do I need?


Determining the size of the right softball bat is critical for every softball player. The bat is a crucial equipment piece and it’s important to find the perfect size for the player. Bat design is a factor to consider but you can’t just choose the design and color simply because the bat looks cool. Here are other factors to consider when choosing the right size of your softball bat:

Bat Weight

If you are strong and big in body size, choosing a heavier bat allows you to use maximum power. However, smaller players can play better using lighter softball bats. A player wants to maximize her bat speed.  Using a light bat can yield greater bat speed. If you want to know the softball bat suitable for your body size and strength, swing a variety of them and choose the one that maximizes bat weight AND swing speed without hurting your natural swing path.  One tip is that you should be able to hold your bat with one hand at the end and your arm fully extended perpendicular to the ground without having the bat waver or dip.  If you are a high school player, you should be using a bat weight that is 10 ounces less than the bat length.  If you are younger than high school, you can use bat weights that are a greater drop than 10 ounces from the bat length, typically 11 ounces to 13 ounces less than the length in inches.


Consider using a bat between 26 and 29 inches if you are less than four feet high. Players between four and five feet should use a bat length of 29-31 inches. Five to six feet tall players should use a bat with a length of 31-34 inches. Considering these measurements while choosing the length of your softball bat will assist you in reaching the peak of your performance.  If the right weight for you is in a bat that is a little long, choking up to 1” up the barrel can make this bat work well.

Ensure to have these requirements before choosing your bat.

  • A bat that is too light will make players be quicker, pull you away from the ball and have little power.
  • A bat that is too heavy will cause an unbalanced and slow swing, and will also decrease your ability to control the strike zone.

Bat materials

You can either choose composite bats or alloy bats.  Composite softball bats are made of material similar to carbon fiber and usually provide a bigger sweet spot and greater power. They are easy to control since in most bats the weight is evenly distributed.  Composite bats help reduce vibration and sting at hand. While alloy bats are made of aluminum and metal, they are less expensive compared to composite bats, typically last longer and can be used in cold weather. Unlike composite bats, they don’t crack.

Once you’ve chosen the right softball bat for your game, always store it in its perfect softball bag. Softball bags are designed in different varieties. Ensure your bag can store all equipment including your glove, softball cleats, helmet, sweatshirts, batting gloves, some first aid items, as well as any extra player protection equipment.

At Longstreth, we take pride in providing helpful information to help players in this industry. Contact us today for all softball equipment needs.