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What is the Best Women’s Lacrosse Stick

Best Women's Lacrosse Sticks

2017 Women’s Lacrosse Sticks
Each year, lacrosse vendors roll out their new selection of women’s lacrosse heads and sticks for the upcoming season. Most equipment is designed with specialized technology that helps players get the most of their game. Some are constructed for players who are great defenders; while others have attributes that are best for a player who plays offense. Of course, goal keeper sticks have their own unique features.

This year, two sticks rise to the top of selection. Both have new technology that set them apart from the rest of the collection.

Under Armour Glory
Under Armour was inspired by the University of Maryland when creating this head. They constructed the Glory with the new Rail Elite Pocket , making it ideal for the elite player. The Rail Elite Pocket is unbeatable compared to any other pocket in the market. The high-quality nylons are built to withstand extreme temperatures and reduce weight. It also features Glide Scoop Technology that guides players to the ball no matter what direction they approach it. The Maximum offset offers superior control and feel, especially in the sweet spot. Lastly, the Poron XRD ballstop absorbs ball impact to minimize the chances of the ball bouncing out of the pocket. The Under Armour Glory with Rail Elite Pocket is available as a strung or unstrung head or as a complete stick with the Under Armour Composite Handle. These features make this stick the preferred choice of many college women’s lacrosse programs.

STX Crux 500
Another top choice of the season is STX’s Crux 500. This lightweight 10-degree lacrosse head comes with the Launch Pocket. 10 degree technology shifts the center of gravity, pushing the ball to the sweet spot, thus releasing the ball quicker. The unique Launch pocket features a design where the middle Chevrons widen near the sweet spot to flex out and hug the ball for better control and feel. The STX Crux 500 can also be purchased as a strung or unstrung head or as a complete stick with the STX Composite 10 handle.

2017 Women’s Lacrosse Heads and Handles
There are many other sticks and brands to choose from. Each brand offers a complete line of lacrosse heads that fit the needs of players of each level. Longstreth Sporting Goods specializes in bringing the best of the best equipment to the female athlete. Check out the great selection of women’s lacrosse equipment at Longstreth.

Anatomy of a Lacrosse Head. What is it made up of?


Excelling in lacrosse not only requires your skills and efforts, but also an in-depth knowledge of your lacrosse equipment. Know every part and how you can adjust it best to suit your game. One such equipment that you ought to know its anatomy is the lacrosse head. Here is what a lacrosse head is made up of:


Sidewalls, made of plastic mold, connect the nylon or synthetic strings and the lacrosse head. They vary in flexibility and height.

  • Flexible heads are made of malleable and lightweight material while stiffer heads are usually heavier.
  • Defensive players should choose stiffer heads to help deliver harder checks
  • Flexible heads are good for picking up ground balls, but should not be too flexible to cause them to break.
  • The angle and curvature of the heads determines pass and shot accuracy.

The shape and height of the sidewalls is essential in giving the pocket its depth. High sidewalls are known to have better ball retention, but also take away from pocket depth.


Offset described the angle of the head as it relates to the handle. An offset head will help push the ball to the sweet spot for quicker release and increased whip on passes and shots. Offset heads also improve ball control.


A scoop is the widest part of the lacrosse head that pulls the ball off the ground. Shots and passes also leave the pocket through here. Scoops vary in width and depth (or drop).

  • Highly drop scoops are perfect for improving shot accuracy.
  • Relatively flat scoops are suitable for playing ground balls.


It’s the point where the ball resides, just at the base of the head. When buying a lacrosse head, you can choose a fully strung one or unstrung. Experienced lacrosse players will always want to customize the strings to achieve the desired depth. For amateurs, re-strung pockets are the best. How does the variation in pocket width affect your lacrosse game?

  • Narrow pockets are good for ball retention and accuracy. However, blocking and catching the lacrosse ball becomes harder.
  • Wide pockets are impeccable for blocking and catching the ball, making it suitable for defensive players.

Finding the right lacrosse head

First, get to know your position as a lacrosse player. Defensive players will tend to look for a head with wide pockets, flat scoops, and heavy sidewalls. Attack players will want a narrow, offset head with dropped sidewalls for ultimate ball control and accuracy. Midfielders tend to look for a head with a balance of the two. Consider your budget, too. Buy a head that fits your financial capacity to avoid unnecessary strains. Lastly, the head you buy needs to meet NOCSAE standards for an excellent performance. All lacrosse equipment must meet other standards and requirements before purchase. Besides the NOCSAE stamps, the item you choose to buy needs various other stamps for full verification of quality and safety.

Choosing the best lacrosse head that fits your budget, game style and position is every lacrosse player’s objective. They are made in different designs, sizes, shapes and prices. Well-made lacrosse sticks improve your strength, ball accuracy and shot speed. You can find all the varieties of lacrosse heads at Longstreth Sporting Goods. Consult us today to choose a lacrosse head that fits your game best.