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What size Field Hockey Stick do I need?

Choosing the right hockey sticks for field Hockey for a team can be a matter of each player’s preference, but there are some guidelines to help new players decide what is right for them. The best starting point is the following chart, which shows what the stick length should be when compared to the player’s height.


Remember that this sizing chart is only a starting point. Finding the perfect stick for you may take a little time, and there are some other methods that you can use to find the size that is best for you. Especially in growing players, height is not always the most accurate way to size a stick, so there are some things that you do to make sure that the stick is proportionally sized to your body.

One way to see if your stick is the right size is to put your right hand on your right hip, with your index finger at the top of the hip bone, pointing forward. Place your next two fingers below your index finger and place the stick at your side. The top of the stick should just touch the edge of your ring finger.

Another way to find the correct stick size is the Dutch method. Field hockey sticks can sometimes be uncomfortable for a player when sized with the standard method, so if this is the case the Dutch method can help. To size the stick, turn it upside down and place the head of the stick into your armpit. The top of the stick should be right at your knee. If it is above the knee or more than two inches below the kneecap, then it is almost certainly the wrong size for you.

Field hockey sticks that are the wrong size put the players that use them at a disadvantage. Using a stick that is too long can cause a player to strike the ground too hard, or hit the ball clumsily off the head of the stick. This may also cause the stick to break. So even if it sounds like a good idea to buy a stick that is a little too long to allow a growing teenager to grow into it, this may actually end up costing more in the end due to breaking the stick.

A final factor to help decide what stick length to use is the position that you play. If you are on offense, you may want to choose a stick that is towards the short end of the sizing range. This can help to give you more control and power. On defense, you might choose a stick with a little extra length to improve your ability to clear the ball. Be sure not to go too far over length though, because this could cause inaccuracy and stick breakage.

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