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All About Composite Softball Bats


When you step up to the batter’s box, you want to have a bat that will help you deliver power and speed. It doesn’t hurt to have a maximum pop too! For a long time, when they were looking for fastpitch bats, elite players chose aluminum.  However, technology has changed and now composite softball bats are the top choice.

Why are Composite Softball Bats the Best?

Composite bats are made from reinforced carbon fiber polymer which is not only more durable than wood or aluminum but also has:

  • better swing weight distribution
  • higher damping rate to reduce hand sting
  • improved trampoline effect

In fact, the best composite bats are constructed so that their trampoline effect gets better over time, so a composite softball bat performs even more superbly after being broken in.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Composite Softball Bats

In fact, there are actually very few disadvantages with this type of bat.  The biggest concern is that the polymers can crack if used at very low temperatures. Player safety was a concern, so rules have been established by the NCAA to make sure composite bats meet certain requirements so that after the break-in period the bat’s trampoline effect remains within established safety bounds.

Top Composite Bats for Softball

Which composite bats are the best? Elite players want a bat that helps them perform their best when the pressure is on. Yet younger players need the confidence booster of having a great bat too.  While every top player has her favorite bat, she is probably choosing between a Demarini and a Louisville Slugger.  Here are two popular choices:

  • Louisville Slugger Xeno Plus: The #1 fastpitch bat is now even more powerful with a zero friction and a terrific pop.
  • Demarini CF9: The Demarini CF series has been one of the most popular for several years and the CF9 offers the biggest sweet spot available.

How to Choose a Composite Softball Bat

Since a batter has only about half a second to make a decision about hitting a pitched ball, young women need the best tool in their hands that they can get. Here is how to choose a softball bat:

  • Size: When the knob is placed in the center of her chest, the player should be able to touch the end of the bat with her fingertips.
  • Weight: Too heavy of a bat will cause your swing to drop, so pick a bat that you can hold extended in one hand for 30 seconds.
  • Drop:The drop is the difference between the bat’s length and weight, with a heavier bat having a lower drop. Check league rules for limits and remember that if you have a low drop bat, you might want a short one for a faster swing.

Young women playing sports need equipment that is developed especially to enhance their abilities. That’s why Longstreth specializes in providing a wide variety of the best softball equipment for young female players. Getting a composite bat of the appropriate size, weight, and drop can help a young woman be ready for every pitch in her next game.