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What are the Benefits of Custom Stringing your Lacrosse Stick?

If you or your child plays lacrosse, you should know that there are some advantages to custom stringing a lacrosse stick. Ask anyone who is familiar with the game of lacrosse and the nuances of lacrosse equipment about players’ motivations for custom stringing and they will tell you that many like the fact that there is no need for a “break-in” period. Other sticks have comparably tight stringing that will take some time and effort to break in. Custom lacrosse sticks are built with a small pocket already formed within the stick head so you won’t have to bother with getting it ready for action.

Freshen up Your Game

Custom strung lacrosse stickIf you are on the prowl for a way to change up your game and / or your style, you do not need to invest in an entirely new lacrosse stick or other piece of lacrosse equipment. Rather, have your stick restrung with your choice of strings and you’ll enjoy a fresh new look out there on the field.

Custom Lacrosse Stocks Allow for Better Strings

Have your lacrosse stick custom strung and you will find that it is much easier to loosen and tighten the strings. Once you pick up your stick, you will be immediately ready for action, knowing in full confidence that your strings are sturdy and won’t stretch out unless you decide that a manual adjustment is necessary. It’s a stark contrast compared to the typical factory-strung head that cuts the strings short and makes it difficult for the player to make alterations on the fly. Alternatively, a custom stringed lacrosse stick has strings that are a bit longer, empowering players to alter the pocket to their desires in a moment’s notice.

Customize for the Perfect Shot

Customized lacrosse equipment can even help boost your shot accuracy. Shooting string placement can be modified for your unique release point or preferred traction.

Personalized for Your Unique Tastes

The custom stringing of your lacrosse stick gives it that extra special something to distinguish it from others. This is the type of subtle competitive advantage that really does make a big difference on the field of play. You can put any type of center piece within any head, giving you an abundance of ways to customize your stick. You shouldn’t have a problem finding the type of pocket that is perfect for your style of game. Furthermore, you can personalize your stick’s look by choosing your favorite string colors and designs. At Longstreth Women’s Sports, we provide high quality custom stringing for your sticks with materials like leather and nylon, and provide a large selection of colors to choose from for you string.