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Introducing Nedstar [video]


Introducing Nedstar a Lonstreth exclusive field hockey brand!

Video Transcript: Hi, I’m Maggie and today we’ll be talking about Nedstar.

Longstreth is proud to add Nedstar Field Hockey to our exclusive line of products. Nedstar sticks represent quality and innovation. They transfer their love of the game into high-quality sticks. The colorful, well-designed sticks offer a variety of composition and bow types. These sticks are perfect for the advanced and elite players.

To become a part of the Never Ending Dream, stop by our retail store to try your new NedStar stick, today!

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Nedstar Field Hockey Sticks – New to the Longstreth Line

Nedstar Field Hockey Sticks

Nedstar is an Irish field hockey company that has been on the market for only a few years. Their passion and energy match Longstreth’s commitment to the game – making Nedstar a good fit for Longstreth’s exclusive line of field hockey sticks.

Nedstar creates field hockey sticks of the highest design and innovation. They represent quality, affordability, and colorfulness. USA Women’s National Team player, Katelyn Falgowski Ginolfi plays with the Nedstar Superfly. This powerhouse stick is light to the touch, with a late bow and solid composition for the elite player.

Longstreth is the exclusive U.S. dealer for the Nedstar field hockey sticks. Check out the Nedstar Dream Limited Edition, a drag flicking specialist stick which also caters to dynamic ball movement all over the field.  The Nedstar Superfly is a popular choice for the dynamic player who requires quick ball handling as well as maximum power. The Nedstar Groove G2 is a powerful stick with a grooved channel, which allows effortless transition between the ball on the turf and aerial skills. The line is rounded out with the Nedstar Low Bow 2 which has the versatility to balance power and skill.

Visit to view each stick’s composition, bow, and target weight. If you have any field hockey questions, ask our field hockey experts – they’re always here to help you select the perfect field hockey stick.

Field Hockey Goalkeeping Essentials List

As a field hockey goalkeeper, you are the last defense against the opposing team. You need the right field hockey equipment to protect yourself and the goal. Your team relies on your skill and performance to give them the chance to make their goals count. Even better, the thrill of recording a shutout performance awaits you if you can combine your practice and skills with the equipment that works best for you. Here’s a guide to the most important equipment from head to toe. FH Goalkeeping Essentials

1. The Head and Neck

The most important part of your body for you to protect is your head. The hardest drives can put the ball speed well above fifty miles per hour, so a high quality helmet is essential to help you maintain your focus. Beyond basic protection, today’s helmets from top brands like TK and OBO provide well-ventilated comfort to help you keep a cool head. Add in a throat guard as well to keep your neck and throat protected.

2. Upper Body

The main piece of field hockey equipment here is the chest and shoulder protection, which comes in one piece. Entry level pieces even have attached arm guards, although more advanced protection keeps these two separate for increased mobility and faster reaction times.

Your hands need protection too, and you will need a left hand blocker along with your right handed goalkeeping glove.

3. Midsection and Lower Body

Your goalie pants are hidden under your game shorts, and may have a pelvic protector included in their design. If they do not, you will need to purchase this separately. Most beginner’s pants have this included, but if you are ready for the next level of mobility and protection, the pelvic protector needs to be a separate piece.

You protect your lower legs and feet with leg guards and kickers. The type of foam that these are made from is an important factor to consider, as lighter foam helps to deliver bigger rebounds. This gives you the advantage of clearing the ball further from the goal, though it is a more advanced product and may cost more because of this.

4. The Stick

Your stick is incredibly important, and while it does not serve the added purpose of protecting your body like the rest of equipment, your field hockey stick choice greatly affects your performance. Invest in the best one that you can, so that you can quickly reject any drive that comes your way. While Longstreth recommends goalie sticks, your stick can be a field player stick as it is not required to be a goalie specific stick.

5. Bag and Accessories

While you may have a team jersey that is assigned to you, you will need some an extra or two for practices. Wearing all of the goal keeping equipment generates a lot of heat and sweat, so make sure that you have a couple clean jerseys on hand. You will also want a way to carry all of this equipment around. It is a lot to keep track of, and a goal keeping bag helps you to stay organized so that you can focus on your performance.

No matter what you need as a goal keeper, Longstreth is THE sporting goods store that has it for you. Come by our retail store today and get fitted for your goalkeeping kit today from the experts. We know how hard you work, and we put the same effort into making sure that we have all that you need to perform at your best. We also carry the largest selection of Softball essentials and Lacrosse gear.

What size Field Hockey Stick do I need?

Choosing the right hockey sticks for field Hockey for a team can be a matter of each player’s preference, but there are some guidelines to help new players decide what is right for them. The best starting point is the following chart, which shows what the stick length should be when compared to the player’s height.


Remember that this sizing chart is only a starting point. Finding the perfect stick for you may take a little time, and there are some other methods that you can use to find the size that is best for you. Especially in growing players, height is not always the most accurate way to size a stick, so there are some things that you do to make sure that the stick is proportionally sized to your body.

One way to see if your stick is the right size is to put your right hand on your right hip, with your index finger at the top of the hip bone, pointing forward. Place your next two fingers below your index finger and place the stick at your side. The top of the stick should just touch the edge of your ring finger.

Another way to find the correct stick size is the Dutch method. Field hockey sticks can sometimes be uncomfortable for a player when sized with the standard method, so if this is the case the Dutch method can help. To size the stick, turn it upside down and place the head of the stick into your armpit. The top of the stick should be right at your knee. If it is above the knee or more than two inches below the kneecap, then it is almost certainly the wrong size for you.

Field hockey sticks that are the wrong size put the players that use them at a disadvantage. Using a stick that is too long can cause a player to strike the ground too hard, or hit the ball clumsily off the head of the stick. This may also cause the stick to break. So even if it sounds like a good idea to buy a stick that is a little too long to allow a growing teenager to grow into it, this may actually end up costing more in the end due to breaking the stick.

A final factor to help decide what stick length to use is the position that you play. If you are on offense, you may want to choose a stick that is towards the short end of the sizing range. This can help to give you more control and power. On defense, you might choose a stick with a little extra length to improve your ability to clear the ball. Be sure not to go too far over length though, because this could cause inaccuracy and stick breakage.

No matter what you are looking for, Longstreth has the top brands in field hockey gear in stock. These include wood and composite sticks, along with goalie sticks and all of the accessories that you need to customize and make the correctly sized stick perfect for your play. We also carry a wide range of softball player equipment and lacrosse gear.