The Best Demarini Fastpitch Softball Bats for 2017


When a player gives their best effort in playing fastpitch softball, they deserve having excellent equipment to help them get an edge on the competition. A well-chosen well-chosen softball bat can give a player the confidence she needs to perform at her peak.  DeMarini makes carefully balanced composite softball bats that are a fine choice for many players. Here is what you need to know about the best DeMarini fastpitch softball bats for 2017:

The CF9 Series is DeMarini’s Best

With a DeMarini fastpitch softball bat, female softball players can reach their full hitting potential and power hitters can achieve peak performance. Undoubtedly, the CF9 series are DeMarini’s best bats. All of the CF9 models have a Paraflex Composite barrel which offers:

  • 22% more strength for more precise weight distribution.
  • Massive flex and mad pop.

Furthermore, the CF9 series have a D-Fusion 2.0 handle which directs the energy from the ball and swing back to the barrel while reducing vibrations.

Why choose a composite bat? Even though composite softball bats can be more expensive than aluminum, they are one of the most popular bat choices for young female softball players because:

  • They deliver superior performance.
  • Composite bats are more durable than either wood or aluminum.
  • Players have greater contact and increased production at bat.
  • Ball speed increases on contact.
  • Ball gives off a satisfying “crack” rather than the aluminum “ping.”

Best Models for 2017

  • DeMarini CF9 (-10) has a balanced swing weight. The Low Pro End Cap optimizes the swing weight and feel throughout the barrel of the bat.
  • DeMarini CF9 Insane (-10) has an end loaded swing weight. It also has a Low Pro End Cap for optimizing through the barrel the swing weight and feel.
  • DeMarini CF9 (-11) has a balanced swing weight and a Dish End Cap.
  • DeMarini CF9 Slapper (-10) has balanced swing weight and Low Pro End Cap which distributes feel and swing weight optimally.
  • DeMarini CF9 Hope (-10) is a limited edition breast cancer awareness model which has a Dish End Cap.


Best DeMarini Models for Younger Players

  • DeMarini Vendetta (-10) and DeMarini Vendetta (-12) have softer, hotter, and more responsive hitting. Bid D End Cap helps keep the swing weight low while D-Lite Handle makes a smoother feel on swings and eliminates vibration.
  • DeMarini Bustos (-13) has DX1 alloy with high KSI strength to help enhance performance.  A reinforced fiber composite handle reduces vibration, eliminates hand sting, and increases confidence in center hitting.

How to Choose a Fastpitch Softball Bat?

Choosing the best fastpitch softball bat for a particular player means considering her height, weight and swing.The best choice? The heaviest bat that feels good in her hands and that she can swing fast.  Longstreth softball gear store not only offers a full selection of the best Demarini bats for young softball players but also the help of experienced sports equipment specialists who can help her choose the best bat to fit her playing needs.

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