What is the Best way to store your Lacrosse Equipment?


After investing some good cash purchasing for your lacrosse equipment, you need to keep them clean and disinfected. We have made efforts to help lacrosse players remain healthy, clean and maintain their lacrosse gear. It is a rule to never leave your lacrosse equipment dirty or sweaty. Dirty equipment will be a rampant breeding hub for fungi and bacteria.

Lacrosse stick upkeep

Lacrosse players want their lacrosse sticks always in a perfect working condition. Take extra precaution to keep your stick in ideal condition and avoid breakage.

  • Maintain your pocket and stick – negligence can alter the shape of your lacrosse head pocket and keeping the pocket’s shape is the most important. Always ensure that the pocket is in pristine shape.  To ensure great performance from the stick, keep its shape, and structure in the best form. Although warping and bending is inevitable, some adjustments could minimize the damage. Always rinse your stick in cold water when it’s dirty and wipe it using dumb cloth or newspaper.
  • Weather conditions – Extremely dry conditions, rain, or blazing heat can alter the mesh in the pocket. Dry condition tightens up the pocket causing it to be shallow. This will make you release the ball quicker. When playing in dry conditions, put water in your mesh and beat the pocket a little to give it back the depth lost in heat. Wet weather will cause your pocket to deepen and loosen. Deepened pocket will cause your stick to throw the ball lower and slow. If the pocket is wet, ball up some newspapers; put them in the pocket to absorb excess moisture in the mesh.

Lacrosse pads and gloves

Use disinfectant detergents to hand-wash lacrosse arm pads, gloves and shoulder parts. When using washing machine, ensure gentle cycle with cold water. Spray the gears with clear gear sports spray when they dry up.

When cleaning your helmet, spray both inside and outside parts. Use clear gear sports spray and clean cloth to wipe it dry. Make sure the sanitizing sprays are anti-bacterial.

Your gloves are made of leather parts. Do not use a washing machine. Just spray them in and outside then use a dry clean cloth to wipe and then allow them to air dry. Using a leather cleaner will keep the palms smooth and reduce chances of cracking.

Lacrosse cleats

For lacrosse cleats, remove the pads and the inner sole lining. Use clear disinfectants to spray the inner side of the cleats. Do not use hot water on them to avoid shrinking. Leave them to air dry and return the inner soles back to your shoes after they are completely dry.

Before putting your lacrosse gears to your bag, turn your bag inside out, and spray it with sanitizing spray. If it is dirty, use a clean cloth to wipe it and then dry it using newspaper to ensure no moisture left, and then pack back your equipment. At Longstreth, we are committed to ensuring you maintain your lacrosse gears and enjoy your game.

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