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Fastpitch Softball Bat with the Most Pop!

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Whether you are a beginner or a college player in softball, you need the best fastpitch softball bat. Softball is such a thrilling sport particularly when you have the necessary softball equipment that helps you reach the peak of your performance.  When it comes to choosing the best fastpitch bat, here are a few factors to consider:

  • Get the right material. Consider the material used to manufacture your fastpitch bat. The material has a great impact on the performance, durability and weight of the bat. Bat materials are generally categorized into two: Composite softball bats and alloy softball bats.  Composite materials allow for a larger sweet spot in the fastpitch bat barrel and better flex to generate ball speed at contact.
  • The right weight of the bat.  Comfort is very crucial. Heavy players feel comfortable using heavy bats while lightweight players consider light bats.  You should be looking to maximize the combination of weight AND bat speed in order to generate the maximum ball velocity at contact.
  • Parts of the softball bat. All the components of your fastpitch bat should be of high quality. These components include the taper, grip, barrel and the knob. They have an effect on your speed, vibration, and shock absorption and general comfort level which helps generate maximum bat speeds.

Having the right factors to consider in mind, there are many types of fastpitch softball bats that are highly ranked globally. They include:

  • Louisville Slugger Xeno Fastpitch Softball Bats

This is one of the most popular and effect models available.  The Xeno is purely made of composite material, making the bat model light and easy to handle.  It comes with a variety of length to weight ratio models. The balanced swing weight helps you enjoy smooth swing and a greater bat speed. The IST technology, which is the latest innovation in the handle of the barrel, makes the softball bat easy to manage. S1iD technology has also been incorporated to improve the flex of the barrel and produce the optimal sweet spot.  Apparently, Louisville is more expensive than the other models.

  • DeMarini CF9 Fastpitch Bat, CF9 Insane & CF9 Hope Fastpitch Softball Bats

DeMarini has a variety of fastpitch softball bats in its famous CF Series. The most recent and popular models are the CF9, the CF9 Hope and the CF9 Insane models. The CF9 series is made of paradox plus composite which helps provide light swing with an incredible barrel performance. The CF9 Insane is popular due to its end-loaded weight distribution which maximizes power. The Demarini CF9 softball bats have thermofused taper barrels and the D-Fusion 2.0 handles which help eliminate vibration and direct the energy to the barrel.

  • Anderson Rocketech Fastpitch Softball Bats

The Anderson Rocketech is a famous fastpitch softball bat.  This model is made of aerospace alloy, making it usable in all weather conditions.  The Rocketech incorporates an end-loaded weight distribution and a weight that is only 9 ounces less than the bat length to be the most powerful bat available.  But this fastpitch softball bat model is ideal for strong players that can swing heavier bats to generate enormous power.  It is highly recommended for the upper level high school and college level player.

With a good selection of your fastpitch softball bat, you are good to go and enjoy your game. At Longstreth, we are here to ensure players satisfaction every other day.

What size softball bat do I need?


Determining the size of the right softball bat is critical for every softball player. The bat is a crucial equipment piece and it’s important to find the perfect size for the player. Bat design is a factor to consider but you can’t just choose the design and color simply because the bat looks cool. Here are other factors to consider when choosing the right size of your softball bat:

Bat Weight

If you are strong and big in body size, choosing a heavier bat allows you to use maximum power. However, smaller players can play better using lighter softball bats. A player wants to maximize her bat speed.  Using a light bat can yield greater bat speed. If you want to know the softball bat suitable for your body size and strength, swing a variety of them and choose the one that maximizes bat weight AND swing speed without hurting your natural swing path.  One tip is that you should be able to hold your bat with one hand at the end and your arm fully extended perpendicular to the ground without having the bat waver or dip.  If you are a high school player, you should be using a bat weight that is 10 ounces less than the bat length.  If you are younger than high school, you can use bat weights that are a greater drop than 10 ounces from the bat length, typically 11 ounces to 13 ounces less than the length in inches.


Consider using a bat between 26 and 29 inches if you are less than four feet high. Players between four and five feet should use a bat length of 29-31 inches. Five to six feet tall players should use a bat with a length of 31-34 inches. Considering these measurements while choosing the length of your softball bat will assist you in reaching the peak of your performance.  If the right weight for you is in a bat that is a little long, choking up to 1” up the barrel can make this bat work well.

Ensure to have these requirements before choosing your bat.

  • A bat that is too light will make players be quicker, pull you away from the ball and have little power.
  • A bat that is too heavy will cause an unbalanced and slow swing, and will also decrease your ability to control the strike zone.

Bat materials

You can either choose composite bats or alloy bats.  Composite softball bats are made of material similar to carbon fiber and usually provide a bigger sweet spot and greater power. They are easy to control since in most bats the weight is evenly distributed.  Composite bats help reduce vibration and sting at hand. While alloy bats are made of aluminum and metal, they are less expensive compared to composite bats, typically last longer and can be used in cold weather. Unlike composite bats, they don’t crack.

Once you’ve chosen the right softball bat for your game, always store it in its perfect softball bag. Softball bags are designed in different varieties. Ensure your bag can store all equipment including your glove, softball cleats, helmet, sweatshirts, batting gloves, some first aid items, as well as any extra player protection equipment.

At Longstreth, we take pride in providing helpful information to help players in this industry. Contact us today for all softball equipment needs.

Anatomy of a Lacrosse Head. What is it made up of?


Excelling in lacrosse not only requires your skills and efforts, but also an in-depth knowledge of your lacrosse equipment. Know every part and how you can adjust it best to suit your game. One such equipment that you ought to know its anatomy is the lacrosse head. Here is what a lacrosse head is made up of:


Sidewalls, made of plastic mold, connect the nylon or synthetic strings and the lacrosse head. They vary in flexibility and height.

  • Flexible heads are made of malleable and lightweight material while stiffer heads are usually heavier.
  • Defensive players should choose stiffer heads to help deliver harder checks
  • Flexible heads are good for picking up ground balls, but should not be too flexible to cause them to break.
  • The angle and curvature of the heads determines pass and shot accuracy.

The shape and height of the sidewalls is essential in giving the pocket its depth. High sidewalls are known to have better ball retention, but also take away from pocket depth.


Offset described the angle of the head as it relates to the handle. An offset head will help push the ball to the sweet spot for quicker release and increased whip on passes and shots. Offset heads also improve ball control.


A scoop is the widest part of the lacrosse head that pulls the ball off the ground. Shots and passes also leave the pocket through here. Scoops vary in width and depth (or drop).

  • Highly drop scoops are perfect for improving shot accuracy.
  • Relatively flat scoops are suitable for playing ground balls.


It’s the point where the ball resides, just at the base of the head. When buying a lacrosse head, you can choose a fully strung one or unstrung. Experienced lacrosse players will always want to customize the strings to achieve the desired depth. For amateurs, re-strung pockets are the best. How does the variation in pocket width affect your lacrosse game?

  • Narrow pockets are good for ball retention and accuracy. However, blocking and catching the lacrosse ball becomes harder.
  • Wide pockets are impeccable for blocking and catching the ball, making it suitable for defensive players.

Finding the right lacrosse head

First, get to know your position as a lacrosse player. Defensive players will tend to look for a head with wide pockets, flat scoops, and heavy sidewalls. Attack players will want a narrow, offset head with dropped sidewalls for ultimate ball control and accuracy. Midfielders tend to look for a head with a balance of the two. Consider your budget, too. Buy a head that fits your financial capacity to avoid unnecessary strains. Lastly, the head you buy needs to meet NOCSAE standards for an excellent performance. All lacrosse equipment must meet other standards and requirements before purchase. Besides the NOCSAE stamps, the item you choose to buy needs various other stamps for full verification of quality and safety.

Choosing the best lacrosse head that fits your budget, game style and position is every lacrosse player’s objective. They are made in different designs, sizes, shapes and prices. Well-made lacrosse sticks improve your strength, ball accuracy and shot speed. You can find all the varieties of lacrosse heads at Longstreth Sporting Goods. Consult us today to choose a lacrosse head that fits your game best.

What is the Best way to store your Lacrosse Equipment?


After investing some good cash purchasing for your lacrosse equipment, you need to keep them clean and disinfected. We have made efforts to help lacrosse players remain healthy, clean and maintain their lacrosse gear. It is a rule to never leave your lacrosse equipment dirty or sweaty. Dirty equipment will be a rampant breeding hub for fungi and bacteria.

Lacrosse stick upkeep

Lacrosse players want their lacrosse sticks always in a perfect working condition. Take extra precaution to keep your stick in ideal condition and avoid breakage.

  • Maintain your pocket and stick – negligence can alter the shape of your lacrosse head pocket and keeping the pocket’s shape is the most important. Always ensure that the pocket is in pristine shape.  To ensure great performance from the stick, keep its shape, and structure in the best form. Although warping and bending is inevitable, some adjustments could minimize the damage. Always rinse your stick in cold water when it’s dirty and wipe it using dumb cloth or newspaper.
  • Weather conditions – Extremely dry conditions, rain, or blazing heat can alter the mesh in the pocket. Dry condition tightens up the pocket causing it to be shallow. This will make you release the ball quicker. When playing in dry conditions, put water in your mesh and beat the pocket a little to give it back the depth lost in heat. Wet weather will cause your pocket to deepen and loosen. Deepened pocket will cause your stick to throw the ball lower and slow. If the pocket is wet, ball up some newspapers; put them in the pocket to absorb excess moisture in the mesh.

Lacrosse pads and gloves

Use disinfectant detergents to hand-wash lacrosse arm pads, gloves and shoulder parts. When using washing machine, ensure gentle cycle with cold water. Spray the gears with clear gear sports spray when they dry up.

When cleaning your helmet, spray both inside and outside parts. Use clear gear sports spray and clean cloth to wipe it dry. Make sure the sanitizing sprays are anti-bacterial.

Your gloves are made of leather parts. Do not use a washing machine. Just spray them in and outside then use a dry clean cloth to wipe and then allow them to air dry. Using a leather cleaner will keep the palms smooth and reduce chances of cracking.

Lacrosse cleats

For lacrosse cleats, remove the pads and the inner sole lining. Use clear disinfectants to spray the inner side of the cleats. Do not use hot water on them to avoid shrinking. Leave them to air dry and return the inner soles back to your shoes after they are completely dry.

Before putting your lacrosse gears to your bag, turn your bag inside out, and spray it with sanitizing spray. If it is dirty, use a clean cloth to wipe it and then dry it using newspaper to ensure no moisture left, and then pack back your equipment. At Longstreth, we are committed to ensuring you maintain your lacrosse gears and enjoy your game.