Do Softball Pitching Machines help your Hitting?

Softball pitching machines offer a number of advantages to softball players who want to improve their hitting game. They provide you with a predictable pitch so that you can work on specific phases of your swing and perfect your timing. Having a pitching machine means that you don’t need to rely on anyone else to practice. All you have to do is turn on the machine and get swinging.

Softball HittingPitching machines also help you to break in composite softball bats so that you can get your new bat into the rotation as soon as possible. When you step into the batter’s box, you want total confidence in your bat choice. Spending the necessary hours with that bat and a pitching machine helps to build confidence in your swing.

For younger girls just starting in the game, hitting off of a pitching machine is a great way to get used to being at the plate, preparing for the delivery, and decreasing their fear of the ball. If they were facing a live pitcher, the stress of trying to swing at a pitch could be overwhelming and cause them to be overly tense at the plate. The predictability and adaptability of the machine’s pitching helps to overcome this natural reaction. So if you or someone you know is just beginning to play softball, choosing from one of the many softball pitching machines available to you could be a key to becoming a confident softball player.

Build Muscle Memory to Become the Best

Any veteran player can tell you that if you want to be the best you can and get the most from the game, you will need to build automatic reflexes and reactions. The only way to build the muscle memory that gives you the ability to react without thinking is through repetition. The ability to build that muscle memory through repeats at the plate and in the field is something that other softball equipment does not offer.

A pitching machine not only helps you with your hitting, but also with your fielding skills. You can set the speed, angle and direction of many machines to deliver fly balls, grounders, and line drives. This helps you to even further simulate the real conditions of the possible types of hit balls you will face during a game. Through this practice you can isolate your weaknesses and do the required drills to improve upon the and turn them into strengths.

Whether you are looking for softball gloves or bags to carry all your gear, a visit to the Longstreth store will give you the personalized attention that you deserve. You have developed a passion for the game and the skills necessary to do your best on game day. Let Longstreth help you to continue to build your love for the game with service and products that are specially selected for your needs.


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