Which is better – A Softball Pitching Machine or a Batting Tee?

Softball pitching machines are a much larger investment than a batting tee, so is it worth it for you to have a pitching machine or is a tee enough for your needs? If you have new softball bats to break in, hitting off a tee may be enough, but if you really want the flexibility and adaptability to do the greatest variety of drills, you want to have a pitching machine.


Of course there are many ways to effectively use a tee to improve your game. You can focus on improving your weaknesses by adjusting the tee height and placement. You can also do almost limitless repetitions, depending upon the number of balls that you have in your practice bucket. But every drill that you can do with a tee you can do more effectively and more realistically with a pitching machine.

Make Your Practice Conditions Match Game Day

When game day comes around, it’s not just you and the ball that face off. There are a huge number of factors that can not be replicated by using a tee. Beyond all of the variables that pitchers send your way, you also have to consider wind and humidity, both of which can alter how a pitch reacts as it comes towards the plate. A pitching machine accounts for these factors, while the static nature of a tee does not. Plus, you will always face an element of unpredictability from a pitcher. Working with a pitching machine can help you to build nerves of steel at the plate and focus on perfecting your swing phases with an active softball.

Another training benefit of pitching machines to consider is the range of fielding drills that you can perform. Whether you want to improve your ground game or focus on pop-ups, a pitching machine can help you. For your new softball gloves and softball cleats, you want to break them in and be comfortable using them before you step onto the field for a game. You can set up realistic drills using your machine to run, pivot, dive, and catch in a realistic way. Not only will this help you to refine your skills, but it also helps you to find weaknesses in how you customize your cleats and gloves for different conditions.

You put in hours on the practice field with your team and training partners to perfect your softball skills, but if you want to take it to the next level and have the ability to practice hitting and fielding on your own, a pitching machine is essential to your continued development. Check out Longstreth’s range of machines that they have personally selected for your benefit. At the same time, you can find all the other equipment that you need, from bats, cleats and gloves to the softball bags to carry all of the equipment to your next practice or tournament.

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