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What are the Benefits of Custom Stringing your Lacrosse Stick?

If you or your child plays lacrosse, you should know that there are some advantages to custom stringing a lacrosse stick. Ask anyone who is familiar with the game of lacrosse and the nuances of lacrosse equipment about players’ motivations for custom stringing and they will tell you that many like the fact that there is no need for a “break-in” period. Other sticks have comparably tight stringing that will take some time and effort to break in. Custom lacrosse sticks are built with a small pocket already formed within the stick head so you won’t have to bother with getting it ready for action.

Freshen up Your Game

Custom strung lacrosse stickIf you are on the prowl for a way to change up your game and / or your style, you do not need to invest in an entirely new lacrosse stick or other piece of lacrosse equipment. Rather, have your stick restrung with your choice of strings and you’ll enjoy a fresh new look out there on the field.

Custom Lacrosse Stocks Allow for Better Strings

Have your lacrosse stick custom strung and you will find that it is much easier to loosen and tighten the strings. Once you pick up your stick, you will be immediately ready for action, knowing in full confidence that your strings are sturdy and won’t stretch out unless you decide that a manual adjustment is necessary. It’s a stark contrast compared to the typical factory-strung head that cuts the strings short and makes it difficult for the player to make alterations on the fly. Alternatively, a custom stringed lacrosse stick has strings that are a bit longer, empowering players to alter the pocket to their desires in a moment’s notice.

Customize for the Perfect Shot

Customized lacrosse equipment can even help boost your shot accuracy. Shooting string placement can be modified for your unique release point or preferred traction.

Personalized for Your Unique Tastes

The custom stringing of your lacrosse stick gives it that extra special something to distinguish it from others. This is the type of subtle competitive advantage that really does make a big difference on the field of play. You can put any type of center piece within any head, giving you an abundance of ways to customize your stick. You shouldn’t have a problem finding the type of pocket that is perfect for your style of game. Furthermore, you can personalize your stick’s look by choosing your favorite string colors and designs. At Longstreth Women’s Sports, we provide high quality custom stringing for your sticks with materials like leather and nylon, and provide a large selection of colors to choose from for you string.

Do Softball Pitching Machines help your Hitting?

Softball pitching machines offer a number of advantages to softball players who want to improve their hitting game. They provide you with a predictable pitch so that you can work on specific phases of your swing and perfect your timing. Having a pitching machine means that you don’t need to rely on anyone else to practice. All you have to do is turn on the machine and get swinging.

Softball HittingPitching machines also help you to break in composite softball bats so that you can get your new bat into the rotation as soon as possible. When you step into the batter’s box, you want total confidence in your bat choice. Spending the necessary hours with that bat and a pitching machine helps to build confidence in your swing.

For younger girls just starting in the game, hitting off of a pitching machine is a great way to get used to being at the plate, preparing for the delivery, and decreasing their fear of the ball. If they were facing a live pitcher, the stress of trying to swing at a pitch could be overwhelming and cause them to be overly tense at the plate. The predictability and adaptability of the machine’s pitching helps to overcome this natural reaction. So if you or someone you know is just beginning to play softball, choosing from one of the many softball pitching machines available to you could be a key to becoming a confident softball player.

Build Muscle Memory to Become the Best

Any veteran player can tell you that if you want to be the best you can and get the most from the game, you will need to build automatic reflexes and reactions. The only way to build the muscle memory that gives you the ability to react without thinking is through repetition. The ability to build that muscle memory through repeats at the plate and in the field is something that other softball equipment does not offer.

A pitching machine not only helps you with your hitting, but also with your fielding skills. You can set the speed, angle and direction of many machines to deliver fly balls, grounders, and line drives. This helps you to even further simulate the real conditions of the possible types of hit balls you will face during a game. Through this practice you can isolate your weaknesses and do the required drills to improve upon the and turn them into strengths.

Whether you are looking for softball gloves or bags to carry all your gear, a visit to the Longstreth store will give you the personalized attention that you deserve. You have developed a passion for the game and the skills necessary to do your best on game day. Let Longstreth help you to continue to build your love for the game with service and products that are specially selected for your needs.


Which is better – A Softball Pitching Machine or a Batting Tee?

Softball pitching machines are a much larger investment than a batting tee, so is it worth it for you to have a pitching machine or is a tee enough for your needs? If you have new softball bats to break in, hitting off a tee may be enough, but if you really want the flexibility and adaptability to do the greatest variety of drills, you want to have a pitching machine.


Of course there are many ways to effectively use a tee to improve your game. You can focus on improving your weaknesses by adjusting the tee height and placement. You can also do almost limitless repetitions, depending upon the number of balls that you have in your practice bucket. But every drill that you can do with a tee you can do more effectively and more realistically with a pitching machine.

Make Your Practice Conditions Match Game Day

When game day comes around, it’s not just you and the ball that face off. There are a huge number of factors that can not be replicated by using a tee. Beyond all of the variables that pitchers send your way, you also have to consider wind and humidity, both of which can alter how a pitch reacts as it comes towards the plate. A pitching machine accounts for these factors, while the static nature of a tee does not. Plus, you will always face an element of unpredictability from a pitcher. Working with a pitching machine can help you to build nerves of steel at the plate and focus on perfecting your swing phases with an active softball.

Another training benefit of pitching machines to consider is the range of fielding drills that you can perform. Whether you want to improve your ground game or focus on pop-ups, a pitching machine can help you. For your new softball gloves and softball cleats, you want to break them in and be comfortable using them before you step onto the field for a game. You can set up realistic drills using your machine to run, pivot, dive, and catch in a realistic way. Not only will this help you to refine your skills, but it also helps you to find weaknesses in how you customize your cleats and gloves for different conditions.

You put in hours on the practice field with your team and training partners to perfect your softball skills, but if you want to take it to the next level and have the ability to practice hitting and fielding on your own, a pitching machine is essential to your continued development. Check out Longstreth’s range of machines that they have personally selected for your benefit. At the same time, you can find all the other equipment that you need, from bats, cleats and gloves to the softball bags to carry all of the equipment to your next practice or tournament.

What are Field Hockey Balls made up of?

Field hockey balls have gone through many changes over the years, but they are now standardized and reliably predictable due to a design that uses modern materials. Organizations at the local, national and international levels make sure that the balls you use when you play are made from the best material possible, so that you can focus on playing the game that you love.


Just like with a lot of field hockey player equipment, plastics and other modern materials have brought big improvements to field hockey balls. Before the 1980s, the balls were made with a leather exterior. This meant that the ball could swell in wet conditions, making it very spongy. This ruined the reaction of the ball when struck. If you’ve played in wet conditions, you know that the ball already slows on a wet field, so a wet leather ball made this even worse.

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The Kookaburra Ball

It was not until the 1980s that the leather-wrapped ball design was abandoned in favor of one with a plastic shell. This made the reaction of the ball when struck much more predictable, especially when combined with the patented Kookaburra design. This incorporates dimples on the shell of the ball, making it roll much better in both wet and dry conditions on real grass or fake turf.

Inside the Kookaburra ball is a cork core, which keeps in line with the old traditions of ball design while promoting a lighter weight. Other game balls, such as the TK Multi Turf or Gryphon Game Ball, are made of solid plastic, and these may or may not be dimpled. In almost all cases, the field hockey ball is white, although other colors such as orange or yellow can be used in game play. This can especially help in conditions where a white ball might be difficult to see.

Practice Balls

Practice balls can sometimes be made of hollow plastic, making them lighter weight than regulation game balls. This gives you the advantage of being able to purchase a large quantity of balls for practice at a lower cost, since there is not as much material used. You can also find a wider variety of colors to choose from in practice balls such as pink, blue, glitter, or rainbow balls from TK Hockey.

There is nothing quite as satisfying for a field hockey player as hearing the sound of field hockey sticks striking a ball up the field. Now you know that you are part of a long tradition of field hockey players taking to the field to enjoy the game that you love. Even if the design of the game ball has changed, many aspects of it stay the same. No matter what your needs are, Longstreth is the sporting goods store that specifically finds and provides the products that you need to enjoy your chosen sport. Click here to find the finest selection of field hockey sticks.

Is it Time to Replace your Field Hockey Ball?

It is always a good idea to have a number of field hockey balls around; both practice balls and regulation game balls. Even if this essential piece of field hockey equipment takes a long time to break down, there still does come a time when the ball should be replaced with a new one.

The hockey balls that you use on game day have to undergo a strict series of testing to make sure that they play evenly on a number of surfaces, and that they conform to a bounce test, among other standards. They must also be a specific size and weight. So, if you notice while playing that the game ball is marked, dented, or otherwise damaged, you should request that the umpire change the ball. A damaged ball could affect the game’s play, and put you and your team at a disadvantage.

For the practice balls that you use, they will generally be hollow, and are often plastic, making them susceptible to breaking and cracking over time. In a study published in 2008 in The Engineering of Sport, various tests showed that at low speeds, the greatest impact on field hockey balls is to the plastic covering. As the ball is hit harder and faster, the materials that make up the ball have a big impact on if it will deform or break. Since practice balls usually have a hollow core, this makes them more likely to break down over time when compared with the field hockey balls that you use on game day. This is also one reason why practice balls have a lower price.

So when should you replace the ball? Just like on game day, if you see that a ball is dented or cracked, remove it from your practice collection. It could split or crack further, and create a dangerous situation where pieces of the ball come flying off. Without eye protection, there is the possibility of injury due to this type of damage, so play it safe and grab a new ball from a place that sell a wide variety of Field Hockey Equipment –

Remember to keep in mind that the temperature also affects the durability of field hockey balls. Cold weather play makes the plastic of a practice ball and the polyurethane cover on game day balls more brittle and likely to crack or break. You want to have the peace of mind to know that when you deliver your strongest drive, the ball you are using will not break apart. Take a little extra time to inspect the ball when the temperature is below 60 degrees.

When it is time to replace a lost or broken ball, you can rely on Longstreth Sporting Goods to have the type of ball you want, from a brand that you trust. That goes for all field hockey equipment, from the store that focuses on your specific needs as a female athlete including the best and the most durable Field Hockey Sticks!